Dienstag, 4. August 2009

1st day of shopping

My last training day was the 20.06.2009. In the meantime I ran 2 or 3 times but I didn't count it. I need to work more regular on my fitness. I will defitively start this week in Germany again. We will stay here until 16.08. Enough time to make progress.

Today I bought a lot of trekking stuff for the big trip. To give you an idea here is a list:

1x sleeping bag (Classic Dragon 750 regular smokeblue) = 250 €
1x rucksack (Tight Evo-L deep red, 30 liter) = 90 €
2x underpants (Boxer Men CC Falke, Black) = 50 €
1x leggins (Thermo-Pro-Lite, Leggins, lang, schwarz) = 60 €
1x rain trousers (Full zip precip pant, black) = 90 €
1x trekking trousers (Pallisade pant men, coffee bean) = 110 €
2x T-Shirt (Atlas SS Men 150, black, blue) = 100 €
1x long arm shirt (Mako men 190, graphite/ash) = 90 €
1x sweater (Thermo-pro Rollkragen mit RV, schwarz) = 100 €
1x cardigan (Aconcagua jacket men, black) = 140 €
1x cap (Thermo Pro cap, schwarz) = 22 €
1x headlamp (Tikka II XP, graphite, 1 Watt LED) = 50 €
1x sterilization tablets (Micropur Forte MF 1T, für je 1 liter Wasser, 100 Tabl.) = 17 €

In total: 1.170 €

And I still need a lot of things, especially trekking boots, socks, duffle bag, rain jacket, gloves, medicin and much more. I will buy the rest next week.

The clothes are very good and very tight. This is important for the low temperatures. When I am wearing it I am looking like spider man :)

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